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We deal in wine, whisky, cognac, rum, vodka, liqueur, beer and more. We distribute accessible spirits and wines but also supply rare single malts and top-end wines to specialised shops and restaurants.

Our main markets

Sales domestically (on- and off-trade, E-commerce) and duty-free

About us

EDN (European Distribution Network) is an international wholesaler that deals with spirits, wines and beers. We have been in the business for more than ten years, and we can assist you with brand building and distribution of all kind of brands. 

We distribute well-established brands as well as emerging brands to our markets in Mid- and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. We sell through domestic and duty-free channels.

We operate from our purchase and logistics office in the Netherlands. From there we ship to our partners in our market regions. Our partners then take care of further local distribution, brand building and marketing.

We strive to provide outstanding service throughout the process: from the collection at the factory to the display on the shelves.

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Email: info@edn-ws.com

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For any business inquiries, please contact us per phone or email.

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